Human rights

UN Declaration of Human Rights slant

National Constitutions, International Charters and Conventions, Human Rights Acts have, during the last century, provided extensive protections and legal recourse for human rights claims, at least in theory. However, violations of human rights take place every day and everywhere around the world.  Sometimes the injustice, inequalities, and damages done to individuals, families and local societies can implicate complex cross border issues.

We strongly believe that human rights should be protected to the highest degree possible in any society, situation, country, place (including workplaces), without any discrimination based on any grounds whatsoever.

GJN has a skilled team of lawyers who can assist and represent any victim of human rights infringements.  Our lawyers and experts have the knowledge and tools to handle all claims arising under breaches of international human rights principles.  Often, litigation faces long term proceedings and economic and political obstacles.  GJN can assist victims and local lawyers by advising as to whether a particular claim may or may not be pursuable and by drafting necessary documents for claims at the national or international level.

A decision whether to work on a particular case is taken after preliminary investigations and studies, including visiting victims and places where violations occurred without any financial implication for potential claimants.  Our lawyers strive to provide victims with the best representation possible to ensure fair investigations and the protection that victims deserve.