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PIP Breast Implants

The Global Justice Network is filing claims on behalf of victims of PIP breast implants.  Victims include implant recipients, purchasers and distributors, clinics and surgeons who implanted these silicone implants that were filled with industrial grade silicone.


On July 2nd, 2015, the Aix-en-Provence Court of appeal published its judgment on the appeal lodged by the notified body, TÜV Rheinland (TÜV), regarding the decision rendered against it by the Commercial Court of Toulon on November 13th. The decision by the Appeals court reverses the prior decision, which was in favour of the hundreds of thousands of victims of PIP’s implants.

Unfortunately, this decision by the Court of Appeals exempts TÜV from any liability regarding the fraud committed by the company Poly Implant Prothèses SA. The decision considers that TÜV was not guilty of any fault within the framework of its quality control mission. Moreover, the decision considers that TÜV had no obligation to conduct unexpected visits to either PIP’s premises or to the NUSIL manufacturer. The Court of Appeals then goes on to peremptorily assert that even if these visits had been conducted, they would not have been successful in discovering the fraud. The Court of Appeal claims that the maneuvers accomplished by executives and employees of PIP’s company were an obstacle in the discovery of the fraud committed by PIP – that fraud being the replacement of the NUSIL gel with a gel other than the only type authorized in the manufacturing of breast implants.

The high degree of complexity of the judgment requires a deep and thoughtful analysis of not only the legal basis but also with reference to the viability of any plea, as the case may be, regarding a stay of the proceedings of the on-going case before the Commercial Court of Toulon, while waiting for the judgment of the Supreme Court. The next hearing regarding this part of the case will take place on September 3rd, 2015. We will of course keep you posted.

Metal on Metal Hip Implants

The Global Justice Network is filing claims on behalf of recipients of metal on metal hip implants.  Many brands of these hip implants have a high rate of failure, causing tissue damage and/or requiring replacement surgery.


The pharmaceutical drug Actos is a Type-2 diabetes medication found to be linked to the onset of bladder cancer.  The generic, pioglitazone, is sold under other names such as Glustin, Actosplus, Deutact, Oseni.

In June 2011 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned that there is a 40% increase in bladder cancer risk in people using the drug for longer than one year.  In some European countries, Actos has been banned.

If you were taking Actos and have developed health problems due to the drug, please contact us at