Environmental Torts

The Castor Project

GJN supports local communities in the coastal area of Valencia, Spain, regarding earthquakes caused by the injection of liquefied gas.

Near the coast of Castellon-Castellò and Tarragona, Spain, natural gas is being stored in the cavernous spaces left behind after petroleum was extracted by the Amposta oil rig platform. Using tremendous pressure, the gas is injected into the earth for storage. Since the work began, seismic events of varying intensities have rocked the towns of the nearby coastline.

The tremors and earthquakes have caused great alarm, fear, and anxiety among many of the 80,000 inhabitants of the affected communities and have displaced families from their homes.

Global Justice Network members have met with the local municipalities as well as with representatives of the local victims’ association to discuss possible remedies for victims.

On March 11, 2016, during a press conference in Castellon, APLACA, the association of harmed residents, unveiled its project involving a mass legal initiative against those liable for the earthquakes. APLACA’s goal is to enroll thousands of local residents as participants in a civil action within the criminal proceeding presently pending before the Juzgado de Viñaroz.

APLACA-03 (002)Speakers at the press conference included: APLACA’s president Joan Ferrand; GJN member Carlos Villacorta whose BCV Lex law firm in Madrid will represent the association in Court; and GJN member Stefano Bertone from Ambrosio & Commodo in Turin, Italy, who confirmed the GJN’s support for the BCV Lex and APLACA project. Testimony was given by affected residents.

This page will be updated as the legal cases proceed in Court.

Below, you will find links to some of the media coverage of the event in Castellon-Castellò.








APLACA: http://afectadoscastor.com/ (only in Español and Català)