Norman Atlantic Litigation

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From June 16 to 18, 2016 , GJN members from the Netherlands and Poland travelled to Bari, Italy, to attend PEOPIL’s RTA and Whiplash conference. During their trip, they visited Bari’s harbor accompanied by Marco Bona, one of the lead GJN attorneys on the Norman Atlantic case, where they observed up close the vessel’s burnt out carcass.

The garage of the Italian flag passenger ship Norman Atlantic caught on fire during a trip from Greece to Italy between Greek, Italian and Albanian waters in December 2014. After many hours on board the burning vessel and, following a big coordinated rescue operation, the vessel was evacuated. At least ten people lost their lives in the tragic incident. Most passengers were rescued successfully.  All garage decks, along with all vehicles and cargo within them, were irreparably damaged.

GJN attorneys represent families of deceased victims, surviving passengers, and vehicle and cargo owners. GJN attorneys were the first to appoint specialists to inspect the Norman Atlantic after the incident along with the local Prosecutor and the Italian Authorities.