Mass Torts

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Mass product liability (defective products, drugs, medical devices, etc.), mass disasters (floods, fires, collapse of buildings) and mass intoxication and poisoning (contamination of water, air and food) are among the most common, albeit not unique, sources of torts committed to a large number of individuals through a single product or event.  Victims of mass torts can suffer disturbances to their life and property as well as personal injuries and death.

In mass tort disputes, the facts and the legal issues are very similar among all cases involved, while values in terms of the extent of damages and amount of compensation paid often tend to vary from one individual victim to another.  Very often mass torts are committed by one or a few defendants, typically corporations, and sometimes by governments. The prosecution of mass torts resulting in high awards in favor of victims and against powerful corporate defendants has proven to be a strong instrument against the continuous vexation of consumers. Mass tort litigation also works to be a very effective tool of deterrence.

GJN members have extensive experience in the representation of victims of mass torts occurring across the globe, having successfully represented large numbers of victims in cases against pharmaceutical multinational corporations, manufacturers of medical device and of aircraft components.