Financial fraud

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In an ever changing and increasingly complex world, the importance of financial transactions is becoming of paramount importance.  A global justice network is best suited to deal with the complex issues arising from the global financial system.

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions are now offering a wide range of sophisticated financial products that are not always straight forward. Sometimes financial products offered by banks or complex insurance policies may even lead to complicated, harmful, situations resulting in substantial damages and subsequent – often cross border – liability.

Seeking relief by litigating financial issues often proves to be a particularly complex procedure; hundreds of rules and regulations from an array of jurisdictions may be applicable or excluded depending upon the nature of the litigation or the location of the parties or other elements involved.  In order to successfully litigate financial claims, one must be an expert at reading the fine print explaining the relevant transaction and also have a global view of the multitude of legal tools being offered in the numerous jurisdictions involved.

Entering into financial litigation can turn into a costly venture.  Therefore, it is important to properly evaluate and implement adequate ways to reasonably organize one’s position in an effort to minimize costs.  The Global Justice Network, a one-of-its-kind world organization of international plaintiff lawyers, is capable of evaluating and prosecuting cross-border financial litigation while properly addressing the complexities linked with these disputes.  With specialized cooperating professionals in over 40 jurisdictions, the Global Justice Network has the ability to become involved in the most complex financial disputes.