About us

Who We Are

We are unique. We are the only group of international claimant counsel working together for the benefit of victims around the world.

Within some countries, victims’ attorneys do cooperate. For example, in the United States of America, plaintiff or claimant attorneys do often work together. In some other countries, each attorney is more apt to work alone.  We are the only group of attorneys in different countries, all representing victims in different countries, who work together.

Often victims of a particular harm are located in more than one country. In other words, harm to victims sometimes crosses borders. We cross borders too.  Although our clients speak many different languages, and so do we, we all speak English too, making it possible for us to understand and learn from each other.  All Global Justice Network members are “online”, using technology to stay connected and share information instantaneously.

Even though our member attorneys work together, each client helped by the Global Justice Network will know which attorneys or law firm members to contact for help and each client can rest assured that his or her personal and case related information is kept confidential.

We have a wealth of experience helping victims with all different kinds of injuries in many different parts of the world.  By collaborating our efforts and pooling our experience we create an enhanced knowledge base to the benefit of our clients.